Treatment of Vitamin D Deficiency



How much Vitamin D to take?


It varies from person to person. That's why Dr. Zaidi does not believe in "One-size-fits-all recommendation on vitamin D. He has developed a scientific strategy: Get your Vitamin D level checked and start vitamin D supplement, based on the table in his ground breaking book, "Power of Vitamin D." Also refer to this book for an in depth description of the various sources of vitamin D and how to treat vitamin D deficiency effectively without risking its toxicity.


Click here to a general guideline about the daily dose of vitamin D.



What type of Vitamin D? - D3 or D2?


Dr. Zaidi recommends vitamin D 3 as this is the type of vitamin D that we get from sun exposure, which is the main source of vitamin D. On the other hand, vitamin D2 is of plant origin and is only a minor source of vitamin D under normal physiological conditions. 


Sublingual Vitamin D versus Oral Vitamin D Supplement


Dr. Zaidi recommends SUBLINGUAL route for absorption as compared to oral ingestion.


Why? Because sublingual absorption takes vitamin D directly into the systemic circulation as does vitamin D from skin. In contrast vitamin D from oral ingestion is absorbed into the portal circulation from the intestines, which takes it to the liver first before entering into the systemic circulation.


In this way oral ingestion is not physiological and sublingual absorption is physiological. This becomes even more important in people who have problems with digestion, take medications that can interfere with the intestinal absorption of vitamin D and people with stomach bypass surgery including those with lap-band procedures.



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