Stress Management for Teenagers, Parents And Teachers 



Teenagers, parents and teachers blame each other for their stress. The usual stress management techniques work as a band-aid, while the volcano underneath continues to smolder. Sooner or later, it erupts through the paper thin layers of these superficial approaches.


photoIs it possible to get rid of stress in our schools and at our homes, once and for all? While the usual answer is "no", Dr. Sarfraz Zaidi, MD a leading expert on stress management, says "yes." In his latest release, "Stress Management For Teenagers, Parents And Teachers", Dr. Zaidi dissects out all of dark, treacherous and intricate layers of stress till he reaches the bare-bottom of the pit. Using the blazing torch of logic, he cuts through the stress triangle of teenagers, parents and teachers. He describes a brand new approach which is simple, direct and therefore, profound.


Dr. Zaidi guides his readers, step-by-step on how to be free of the various shades of stress. From peer pressure, to stress from education, to stress from romantic love and sex, to emotional outbursts between teenagers, parents and teachers, to anxiety, depression, jealousy, hate, anger, guilt, grief, self-criticism, embarrassments, shame, divorced parents, rebellion teenagers, addictions and ADD, Dr. Zaidi covers every aspect of stress teenagers, parents and teachers experience in their day-to-day life.


Dr. Zaidi ushers in a new era of psychology, yet the book is such a simple read. It's like talking to a close friend for some honest advice that works.




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