Power of Vitamin D




"Power of Vitamin D" is Dr. Zaidi's ground greaking book. This book contains all that you need to know about Vitamin D. It's comprehensive, yet easy to read.photo


In "Power of Vitamin D", you'll learn:


Why most people continue to be low in Vitamin D despite being outdoors, taking multivitamins and drinking milk.


The Miraculous health benefits of vitamin D.


The crucial role Vitamin D plays in the Prevention as well as Treatment of various Cancers.


How Vitamin D may be able to Prevent Diabetes, Coronary Heart Disease, Hypertension and Kidney Disease.


How Vitamin D may Prevent as well as Treat Muscle Aches, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Bone Pains and Osteoporosis.


The vital role of Vitamin D in the normal functioning of the Immune System.  


How Vitamin D may be able to Prevent as well as Treat the Common Cold, Tuberculosis, Asthma, Thyroid Diseases, M.S., Lupus and Arthritis.


The essential role of Vitamin D during Pregnancy for Mothers and Babies.


Doctors frequently miss the Diagnosis of Vitamin D deficiency because they often order the wrong test.  


The right test to Diagnose Vitamin D deficiency.


The best way to Prevent and Treat Vitamin D deficiency.


Vitamin D Toxicity and how to Prevent it.


Not just theoretical knowledge, but detailed, practical information from actual Case Studies.



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