Zolpidem (Brand names: Ambien, Edluar, Intermezzo, Zolpimist) use may increase the risk of Cancer- findings from a recent study




A recent study population-based study from Taiwan identified 14,950 patients who had used Zolpidem. The study concluded that Ambien use was significantly associated with high risk of overall cancer, specifically oral, liver, lung, breast, esophagus, bladder, and kidney cancers.


This new discovery of risk of cancer just adds to the list of side-effects of sleeping pills. Doesn't it make sense to use a non-pharmacologic approach to the treatment of insomnia? Why can't someone go to sleep? Busy Mind! Why does someone has a busy mind? If you could figure out the root cause of busy mind, you would be able to get rid of insomnia once and for all.

What is the basis of busy mind and how you can be free of it? I have discussed it extensively in my book, "Stress Cure Now."











This article was written by Sarfraz Zaidi, MD, FACE. Dr. Zaidi specializes in Diabetes, photoEndocrinology and Metabolism.



Dr. Zaidi is a former Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCLA. Currently he is Medical Director of the Jamila Diabetes and Endocrine Medical Center in Thousand Oaks, California.



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